Mass Made is a unique insight into how design can increase market share and productivity across a wide range of manufacturing industries. Manufacturing and design feed each other; this symbiosis not only brings revenue and innovation, but it also fills employment gaps in the long term with a skilled, creative, and problem-solving workforce.


Nypro is a global plastics contract manufacturer with 18,000 employees and 45 locations in 16 countries. Annual sales are $1.3 billion. Founded in 1955 in Clinton, Massachusetts, where it still maintains headquarters, Nypro is one of the ten largest employee-owned companies. Nypro owns Radius Product Development, a leading product design company. “Design and product development

are the first step in the Nypro ‘one-stop-shop’ plastics contract manufacturer offering of design, mold building, molding, assembly, and delivery. Nypro owns Radius Product Development, a design house with studios adjacent to Nypro corporate headquarters in Clinton, MA and also in Chicago, Beijing and Hong Kong. Radius was formed about 20 Read more >


The Innovation Institute is a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and is the Commonwealth’s leading science, technology, and innovation policy agent. Working closely with academics, industry practitioners and government officials, the Institute’s mission is to enhance the capacity of the Massachusetts economy to sustain an ongoing flow of innovation which is crucial to create,

create, attract, and grow companies in emerging and established industries. “Advanced manufacturing is a process that makes extensive use of computer, high precision, and information technologies in a production system capable of furnishing a heterogeneous mix of products with both the efficiency of mass production and the flexibility for custom manufacturing. Read more >


The Center for Urban and Regional Policy (CURP) is a “think and do tank” devoted to research and policy in the areas of housing, workforce development, local economic development, manufacturing, and transportation. Through its World Class Cities Partnership, the School is working with cities and universities throughout the world to better understand and meet the

the challenges faced by urban regions operating in a global economy. “After experiencing a sharp decline in employment, the remaining manufacturing sector has more than 8,600 firms, the large majority of which are now technologically sophisticated, plugged into strong supply chains with good customer relations, and looking forward to competing Read more >


A Massachusetts paradox: despite a decline in the total number of manufacturing jobs this decade, total revenue from manufacturing has increased. How? Design. Amid stiff global competition, some companies are differentiating themselves by rethinking products and processes with a deeper focus on market, location, speed and quality. Mass Made is a unique insight into how

design can increase market share and productivity across a wide range of industries. You’ll hear from leaders who have championed new R&D, communication, and production strategies, in effect changing the game with new products and services. Design is crucial to their companies’ operations - it has helped transform them, and Read more >

John Matouk & Co.

John Matouk & Co. is a manufacturer of luxury bed, bath and table linens based in Fall River, Massachusetts. A third-generation, 82-year old company, Matouk combines old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create exquisite products for affluent consumers. Matouk has reinvigorated its domestic manufacturing tradition and consistently grown sales by employing a world-class marketing strategy.

strategy. “We think about design broadly. Most obviously, as a product-driven company, we must create things that people want to buy and that function at or above the expectations of our customers. Stylistic leadership is critical, but we also have to remember that our products do not live on their own; Read more >


Artaic is a full-service provider of high-end, custom mosaic projects. Artaic’s innovative design software and robotic manufacturing systems enable the creation of unique tile solutions with short lead times and exceptional value for customers such as Google, Legal Sea Foods, Tropicana Casinos, MIT and The Home Depot. Artaic aims to revolutionize the design and fabrication

of the ancient mosaic art form through “mass customization.” Their patent-pending technologies drive the production of large scale and/or high volume mosaics. Much as custom print technology revolutionized the carpet industry 30 years ago, Artaic now offers exceptional customization, lead-time and financial value to the $76B global tile industry. (more…) Read more >


Litecontrol provides lighting fixtures and control solutions for all commercial and institutional building types. Their facilities utilize the latest technologies to ensure all of their products maintain the highest quality standards with the least impact on the environment. They provide performance architectural lighting throughout the United States, North America, and internationally. “Design is integrated into

every aspect of Litecontrol, from the shape of a new light, to the interface that an installing or maintaining contractor will experience, to the message and content of our marketing, to the processes in our factory. (more…) Read more >

Taza Chocolate

Founded in 2005, Taza Chocolate manufactures organic, Direct Trade, Mexican-style stone ground chocolate. Located in Somerville, Taza Chocolate is proud to have 30 employees who make, market and sell their products, all in-house. After a 2010 factory expansion, the Taza Chocolate Factory Store & Tours were introduced. “Design is integral to communicating our brand story.

You can’t manufacture chocolate without designing a process, developing a recipe and perfecting it; we designed a unique process to make 100% Stone Ground Chocolate. Design is used on a daily basis to develop new products and processes. (more…) Read more >

The Gillette Company

Gillette is a brand of the Procter & Gamble Company serving men and women worldwide with a trusted portfolio of shaving and personal care products. Founded in 1901 by King Camp Gillette as a safety razor manufacturer, the Company has grown into a global leader recognized for advanced research & development, precision manufacturing and expert

expert marketing. On October 1, 2005, Procter & Gamble finalized its purchase of The Gillette Company, bringing together Gillette’s 100+ years of shaving and engineering expertise and P&G’s unequalled understanding of skin and skin care – creating the world’s largest consumer products company. (more…) Read more >