In Massachusetts, some companies are catapulting miles ahead of the competition with game-changing products and services. How? Design. Designers are experts trained to bring out the best of a person, place or thing. Good design is a win-win: design is a plan to make life better, and it makes business stronger.


The way in which companies do business has changed drastically in the last decade. Although the indicators of financial success are unwavering, management, customer relations, communication and product strategies are under increasing scrutiny. Now, more than ever, companies are seeking ways to rethink, restructure, and relaunch. In Massachusetts, some companies are catapulting miles ahead of

the competition with game-changing products and services. How? Design. Designers are experts trained to bring out the best of a person, place or thing. The role and value of design has changed along side business; its definition no longer refers to just ‘look and feel’, but has broadened to consider Read more >


Vitality was born from its founder’s pioneering work in glanceable technology: embedding Internet information in everyday objects to make the physical environment an interface to digital information. Vitality reinvents prescription packing with a simple wireless internet connection. 3.5 billion medication prescriptions are filled in the US every year. On average, people take their medication only

only 50% of the time, racking up $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs. Vitality’s technology reminds patients via phone or text message if they forget to take a medication, emails loved ones and physicians with updates, and makes refilling automatic. Fundamentally, Vitality designs behavioral change by introducing smart packaging to Read more >


Blending design thinking and business analytics, Continuum partners with its clients to drive fiscally-sound, human-centered design innovation. For example, Continuum helped Preserve leverage stronger branding and created a simple closed-loop “mail back pack” system to connect with more consumers and accelerate its sustainability-focused business model. Preserve’s mail-back pack launched at Whole Foods and Target in

in 2010. Within 3 weeks of the launch, the new package outsold Preserve’s previous package by 37%. Continuum has also helped Insulet leverage innovation design and engineering to create a tubeless insulin pump, the Omnipod, that makes diabetes a less invasive part of patients’ lives. The clear functional benefits of Read more >

Barbara Lynch Gruppo

Consisting of nine Boston entities: No. 9 Park, B&G Oysters, The Butcher Shop, Plum Produce, Stir, 9 at Home, Drink, Sportello, and Menton, Barbara Lynch Gruppo translates the talents and accolades of Chef/Owner Barbara Lynch into superb, consistent dining experiences. BLG works closely with C&J Katz studio to design effective interiors and brand messages by

by immersing themselves in the world of food, hospitality, and, at times, glamor. The Lynch and Katz teams recognize that designing every point of contact with the customer is critical to the opening and ongoing success of a hospitality venture. And it has paid off: Barbara Lynch Gruppo has had Read more >


Reebok is all about having fun while staying fit and infuses this attitude in everything it does. The company has always seen the world a little differently, challenging convention and leading through creativity. This began more than 20 years ago when Reebok revolutionized the fitness industry with aerobics, and by telling women “it’s ok to

to sweat.” This innovation continues today; in Spring 2009, Reebok launched EasyTone footwear and made an immediate impact in the industry by allowing the consumer to “take the gym with you” without sacrificing style. The design team broke away from the chunky (dare we say ugly) designs commonplace in the toning Read more >

The Barbarian Group

The Barbarian Group is an award-winning digital marketing services company. Founded in 2001, they partner with the best brands, technology companies and content creators to help navigate the treacherous waters where advertising, user experience, technology and marketing merge to create some of the most successful work on the web. Barbarian Group’s partnership with Red Bull

Bull allowed for a coherent design methodology to their websites. The Barbarian Group worked with them to develop design standards and a development platform to allow for the migration of some pre-existing 800 sites all over the world to one, unified platform, yielding tremendous traffic growth. Read more >

Boston Innovation District

Despite the many advantages of global communication, people proximately located share technologies and knowledge more easily and implement innovations more rapidly than those spread across geographies. Much entrepreneurial work is done outside of the traditional workplace; creative workers spend as much as half of their work schedules somewhere other than their office. The Innovation District

District - 1,000 acres of residential, commercial, and industrial space along the South Boston Waterfront - will help ensure Boston’s continued leadership in the innovation economy. Mayor Menino’s belief is that even with the “death of distance”, place will matter more than ever for innovation and that a strategy for Read more >


Sonos is the leader in wireless multi-room music systems for the home. Their system lets users play ‘all the music, all over the house’, controlled easily from the palm of their hand. The Sonos team is dedicated to designing magical music experiences; internally, they’ve created a culture of user-focused design that leads the company’s products

products from sketch to store shelf. In return, Sonos’ consumer brand loyalty can be described as a cult of music-loving, Sonos-crazy customers. Sonos’ products are consistently rated with a Net Promoter Score of 80%, which means that when asked to rate how likely they are to recommend Sonos to friends Read more >


The Instiute for Human Centered Design (IHCD) is an international education and design non-profit consultancy, dedicated to proving the power of design to enhance experience across the spectrum of age and ability. In response to an ever-diversifying client base, IHCD analyzes the experience of older people and people with disabilities interacting with places, products, and

and service environments to identify potential impediments. IHCD’s team designs solutions that transform often subtle barriers into assets that work better for everyone. (more…) Read more >


Designed by Behnisch Architekten, The Genzyme Center in Cambridge exemplifies Gemzyme’s spirit of innovation and quality. In addition to ecological sustainability, the center is a landmark building that fosters interaction, engages the public with Genzyme’s identity, and recruits the best talent. After a year of occupancy, 58% of Genzyme Center employees said they were more

more productive in the completed building than they had been in the former headquarters. This building is the largest Platinum-LEED office structure in the US, with energy efficient features and management systems that reduced the projected overall energy cost for the building by 35%. In an industrial environment, the design of Read more >


IDEO is a global design and innovation firm that believes that good business is good design. As such, IDEO is a pioneer in ‘business design,’ creating impact beyond final products and services and using design to help companies evolve how they engage their customers, how they organize for delivery, and how they find new paths

paths to growth. IDEO believes that design’s ability to impact and influence a business and its strategy is increasing rapidly. An example of the work IDEO’s business design community has done includes ‘Keep the Change’ for Bank of America, which is a service innovation to attract and retain bank members. This Read more >


Zipcar is a car sharing service that operates in urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It provides self-service vehicles by the hour or day to residents and businesses looking for an alternative to car ownership. Zipcar’s revenue has grown from $13.7 million in 2005 to $131.2 million

in 2009. The team has accomplished this by tapping into the secrets of experience design: how to stay focused and create a deep, clear understanding with customers. At every point of member contact, Zipcar uses design to drive loyalty and growth, from online and mobile interfaces to signage in the Read more >