“Design is a plan to make life better, and it makes business stronger.”

The way in which companies do business has changed drastically in the last decade. Although the indicators of financial success are unwavering, management, customer relations, communication and product strategies are under increasing scrutiny. Now, more than ever, companies are seeking ways to rethink, restructure, and relaunch.

In Massachusetts, some companies are catapulting miles ahead of the competition with game-changing products and services. How? Design. Designers are experts trained to bring out the best of a person, place or thing. The role and value of design has changed along side business; its definition no longer refers to just ‘look and feel’, but has broadened to consider designers methodical thinkers who apply their approach to a wide variety of challenges. In many companies, designers are now leaders.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has one of the strongest design clusters in the United States. In 2008, there were 47,617 individuals in the state who worked for design companies or provided design services to other sectors. Despite the recent economic downturn, employment growth in design has exceeded the Commonwealth’s employment average. Our state’s design capacity is clearly an area of growing competitive importance.

“Designers are experts trained to bring out the best of a person, place or thing.”

The Design Industry Group of Massachusetts (DIGMA) was formed to grow the state’s design economy by promoting Massachusetts as THE center for design excellence. DIGMA works closely with government, education, and industry sectors to advise on the role of design, and to showcase the concentration and quality of talent in this state.

Which brings us to “Design Means Business.” This is a unique insight into how design can increase market share, profits, and productivity across a wide range of industries. You’ll hear from leaders who have championed effective communication strategies, shaped our built environment, and created game-changing products and services. Design is central to their companies’ operations – it has changed the way they’re run, and design not only benefits them, but it benefits their customers, the planet, and society. Good design is a win-win: Design is a plan to make life better, and it makes business stronger.

Massachusetts has a strong future, and design will play a big role in how it unfolds.

DIGMA Executive Committee

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