Nypro is a global plastics contract manufacturer with 18,000 employees and 45 locations in 16 countries. Annual sales are $1.3 billion. Founded in 1955 in Clinton, Massachusetts, where it still maintains headquarters, Nypro is one of the ten largest employee-owned companies. Nypro owns Radius Product Development, a leading product design company.
“Design and product development are the first step in the Nypro ‘one-stop-shop’ plastics contract manufacturer offering of design, mold building, molding, assembly, and delivery.
Nypro owns Radius Product Development, a design house with studios adjacent to Nypro corporate headquarters in Clinton, MA and also in Chicago, Beijing and Hong Kong. Radius was formed about 20 years ago when large customers began to feel time pressures to bring products to market and needed entrepreneurial suppliers to move quickly for them. Also, at the same time, particularly in plastics, a number of customers began to discover that traditional approaches were not able to anticipate the manufacturing issues involved with bringing design into plastics production.
Design is involved in more than 50% of our sales development activities; it is a successful, profitable part of our business. In many instances, design is the sizzle on the Nypro steak.”

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