Mass Made is a unique insight into how design can increase market share and productivity across a wide range of manufacturing industries. Manufacturing and design feed each other; this symbiosis not only brings revenue and innovation, but it also fills employment gaps in the long term with a skilled, creative, and problem-solving workforce.

The Innovation Institute is a division of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and is the Commonwealth’s leading science, technology, and innovation policy agent. Working closely with academics, industry practitioners and government officials, the Institute’s mission is to enhance the capacity of the Massachusetts economy to sustain an ongoing flow of innovation which is crucial to create, attract, and grow companies in emerging and established industries.
“Advanced manufacturing is a process that makes extensive use of computer, high precision, and information technologies in a production system capable of furnishing a heterogeneous mix of products with both the efficiency of mass production and the flexibility for custom manufacturing. A concentration of world-class advanced manufacturing capabilities can become a magnet to attract and retain manufacturing operations and to help expand the in-state value chain of companies that do R&D in the Commonwealth. It is necessary to strengthen linkages and collaboration in the innovation ecosystem among the rich legacy of assets that already target manufacturing.”