Blending design thinking and business analytics, Continuum partners with its clients to drive fiscally-sound, human-centered design innovation. For example, Continuum helped Preserve leverage stronger branding and created a simple closed-loop “mail back pack” system to connect with more consumers and accelerate its sustainability-focused business model. Preserve’s mail-back pack launched at Whole Foods and Target in 2010. Within 3 weeks of the launch, the new package outsold Preserve’s previous package by 37%. Continuum has also helped Insulet leverage innovation design and engineering to create a tubeless insulin pump, the Omnipod, that makes diabetes a less invasive part of patients’ lives. The clear functional benefits of this product have enabled Insulet’s projected annual revenues to reach $100 million in 2010. Additionally, Insulet successfully raised $120 million in funding between the years of 2000-2006, and raised an additional $120 million in their initial IPO.

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