Founded in 2005, Taza Chocolate manufactures organic, Direct Trade, Mexican-style stone ground chocolate. Located in Somerville, Taza Chocolate is proud to have 30 employees who make, market and sell their products, all in-house. After a 2010 factory expansion, the Taza Chocolate Factory Store & Tours were introduced.

“Design is integral to communicating our brand story. You can’t manufacture chocolate without designing a process, developing a recipe and perfecting it; we designed a unique process to make 100% Stone Ground Chocolate. Design is used on a daily basis to develop new products and processes.

You can’t sell a chocolate bar without a wrapper! Good design is critical to being able to engage consumers, have them pick up a bar, learn more about our product, and make the decision to purchase. Our product is distinct from all other American or European-made chocolate in terms of ingredient quality, ingredient sourcing processes, flavor, and texture, and our job is to communicate that to the consumer at first glance as they scan the grocery displays or shelves.

Packaging is 75% why people pick our product off the shelf. It looks different, because we have round chocolate discs or bright labeled bars, and they are intrigued. The other 25% of consumers pick up our product because they have sampled it at a demo, heard about it by word of mouth or been exposed to our product through blogs or good PR.”

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