Litecontrol provides lighting fixtures and control solutions for all commercial and institutional building types. Their facilities utilize the latest technologies to ensure all of their products maintain the highest quality standards with the least impact on the environment. They provide performance architectural lighting throughout the United States, North America, and internationally.

“Design is integrated into every aspect of Litecontrol, from the shape of a new light, to the interface that an installing or maintaining contractor will experience, to the message and content of our marketing, to the processes in our factory.

We have a Product Innovation Team that brings together 4 very different specialists into a single internal environment to design solutions to long-term challenges. We frequently collaborate with our customers, working on custom products or identifying opportunities. We start with hypotheses instead of criteria; then conceptualize with prototypes and get early critiques from trusted customers; and they focus as much on ‘why’ the product should come into creation as the ‘how’ it can be successfully executed in our company.

Litecontrol uses our established design ethos as a metric to continually meet the expectations of our customers for any product that leaves our dock. We are using Design as well as technical expertise to capitalize on new opportunities to excite our customers. All aspects of our design philosophy are integrated into our strategic plans.”

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