John Matouk & Co. is a manufacturer of luxury bed, bath and table linens based in Fall River, Massachusetts. A third-generation, 82-year old company, Matouk combines old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology to create exquisite products for affluent consumers. Matouk has reinvigorated its domestic manufacturing tradition and consistently grown sales by employing a world-class marketing strategy.

“We think about design broadly. Most obviously, as a product-driven company, we must create things that people want to buy and that function at or above the expectations of our customers. Stylistic leadership is critical, but we also have to remember that our products do not live on their own; to design products successfully, we have to understand how our customers live in addition to what they like. Beyond the product itself, we have design standards and goals in so many areas including external areas like packaging, signage and communications materials, as well as internal subjects such as facilities design, systems design, production process design. We find the best design partners in all these areas and then we attempt to work with them on a consistent and repetitive basis.

15 years ago, we didn’t own any of the creative process. As globalization was quickly evolving, the large retailers found that they could buy for a fraction of the price from companies overseas. When we decided to invest in our domestic production capabilities, we knew we could never be the least expensive producer in the world. But we did think that we could be the most stylish, and most flexible and best in service. So in order to optimize our investments, we had to create a distinct product and brand identity for Matouk. That was when we started to take design seriously.

We try to judge our success in design by looking at it through the eyes of the customer who will use the designed item. Will the consumer feel more emotionally fulfilled by that sheet, or will the retail store be able to sell more product if the catalog includes those features? Everything we do communicates something about our company so it must be designed to convey the right message.”

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